• 1 Connect

    Easily connect standalone devices to the Internet and make them available for glue.things. Access devices with glue.things API and SDK.

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  • 2 Build

    Manage the data of your devices and share them with your developer community. Build and deploy apps on CloudFoundry.

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  • 3 Distribute

    Publish your application on an open and scalable marketplace. Reach thousands of potential customers.

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glue.things – Put the Internet of Everything in your Hands

Connect TVs, cars, wearable computing devices, and all of the consumer and business tools to the Internet. Let they talk to each other. Easily build apps for them and share the data of your connected devices with the developer community. Turn your apps into products and reach a large number of customers. Distribute your apps on an open and scalable marketplace.


    • Extremely short Time to Market

      glue.things allows enterprises and innovators to introduce new Internet of Everything enabled services and apps to the market in a short time and with limited upfront investment.

    • Publish, Share and Distribute

      glue.things provides an open and scalable marketplace, in which data from connected devices can be easily published, shared, and integrated into services and apps. The marketplace provides all the necessary technological enablers, organized into a coherent and robust framework covering both delivery and management aspects of devices, services, and their integration.

    • Content is King

      glue.things enables the channel of innovative consumable contents based on the data and knowledge originating from connected devices feeding the Internet of Content.

    • Empower Security and Privacy

      glue.things allows flexible security mechanisms that are able to adapt to different security contexts and requirements induced by the data processed. This includes addressing issues related to identity and to security and privacy management of data coming from connected devices.

  • You will love glue.things as much as we do!

    glue.things provides the platform, tools and support needed to create and manage compelling connected apps and services on the Internet of Everything.

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